The Girl Perpetually Covered In Paint.

My name is Storm and I am an artist. I believe that we are all artists, although in different fields. A condensed version of my story goes like this. Since I was ten years old and drew a pretty good representation of my foot in class, I have been perpetually covered in ink, charcoal or paint. What I love about art is the translation of beauty into a seen thing, something that I have heard or felt deeply can now be seen, felt and appreciated by others. I remember sitting in my art teachers house in front of a still life (containing ellipses, and even as a ten year old, these confounded and frustrated me) and crying my eyes out trying to get it perfect. I have been learning ever since that the beauty of art is not in its perfection but in its honesty.

Aside from learning about and creating my own art, I have also become passionate about teaching and helping others learn how to express themselves, their purpose and personality, in the field of visual art. I am passionate about birthing inspiration within others so that they will feel the urgency and freedom to make honest art. 

This is what my art teacher, for who I am forever grateful for all the love, lessons and cups of tea that she has given me over the years, taught me- that art is not about learning how to draw, or paint, or sculpt or print- it’s about learning how to see. And goodness, once we open our eyes, do we see. All the beauty, brokenness,  complexity, and vulnerability of humanity and nature and all of this big life that we lead. So take a look at what I have done and what I would like to do, and say hi!